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Welcome to GenQA


Genomic Quality Assessment (GenQA) is an External Quality Assessment (EQA)/Proficiency Testing provider.  Advances in our understanding of genomic diseases and medicine has led to a revolution in testing technologies - and GenQA is committed to delivering exceptional external quality assessment in this rapidly evolving field.


Are you a laboratory or individual clinician wanting to provide accurate, reliable test results and gain advice which ultimately facilitates optimal patient care? Then you've come to the right place. We're ready to provide you with objective information and advice on the quality of your analytical and interpretative performance.


       2023 EQA DIRECTORY AND TIMETABLE (includes EQAs from 1st April 2023 - 31st March 2024)  


GENQA LIVE CALENDAR (includes dates of EQAs and other GenQA events)  

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Take a look at our wide range of genomic External Quality Assessments (EQAs). EQAs available for laboratory-based services, clinical genetics centres and individual interpretation. 



Our EQAs cover the breadth of the genomics service, as listed below:

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GenQA Mission




We’re driven to work in partnership with genomics centres - both laboratories and clinicians - across the world to provide high quality patient testing for genomic disorders and acquired diseases. 

GenQA Vision




We know the fast-evolving field of genomic medicine will continue to advance and our scientific team is focussed on delivering fit for purpose external quality assessments (proficiency testing) and individual competency assessments that continuously develop with the pace of change.

GenQA Values




We are always professional, fair, consistent, independent and focussed.  In all that we do, our values are key.  Each and every piece of work is undertaken with scientific expertise.

"GenQA is operated by a dedicated team consisting of expert scientists with specialist administrative support and is an established resource for laboratories worldwide. Their approach to EQA offers several unique and valuable solutions, enabling monitoring and improvement of laboratory performance on an international scale for the benefit of patients everywhere. LIAM WHITBY, PRESIDENT UK NEQAS"
"The commissioning of the NHS Genomic Medicine Service in England to deliver the tests outlined in the National Genomic Test Directory involved the tendering of EQA services for the full remit of the Test Directory and was awarded to the UK NEQAS consortium and is predominantly delivered by GenQA. GenQA has been responsive to deliver new assessments and to meet the requirements of NHS England. I fully support their high level of service and will continue to hold UK NEQAS in high regard. PROFESSOR DAME SUE HILL DBE, CHIEF SCIENTIFIC OFFICER, NHS ENGLAND"
"I have just read your GenQA Annual report and now finally understand the enormous scope of work you do! What an achievement in only 4 years and with COVID slap bang in the middle of it all. You must be very proud. SAM TAYLOR, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, TINKERTAYLOR"
"GenQA has supported the ongoing delivery, improvement, and delivery of new, clinical diagnostic services for many years. They continue to provide relevant and timely schemes, rapidly responding to the needs of the genomic diagnostic community. The GenQA team are well-organised and responsive, and the really excellent network of scientific advisors provide informative advice. I feel very fortunate that our genomic laboratories are backed by this first-rate service. PROF RACHEL BUTLER MBE, OPERATION DIRECTOR, SW GENOMIC LABORATORY HUB"
"There is no doubt that GenQA is an essential part of a laboratory's quality management system. MARTA RODRIGUEZ, FUNDACION JIMENEZ DIAZ, MADRID"
"GenQA is a forward-looking and customer oriented organization that has developed proficiency materials in areas such as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), ctDNA for liquid biopsy applications and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). These materials consist of clinically actionable variants that are critically needed to determine assay variability across a wide range of clinical genomics laboratories. RAM SANTHANAM, SR DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, LCG CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS"
"I have just completed the Care Home COVID-19 swabbing competency assessment set up by GenQA. The knowledge that I have obtained from this online assessment will be extremely useful when carrying out swab tests within the home. KEELIE ARMSTRONG, CHARLES COURT CARE HOME"
"GenQA continually strive for excellence and they have been at the forefront of making Whole Genome Sequencing a comparable method of testing in EQA schemes. PROFESSOR SIR MARK CAULFIELD, WILLIAM HARVEY RESEARCH INSTITUTE"
"GenQA are a bunch of enthusiastic professionals that stand out in problem-solving and have a constructive attitude. This must be the reason why it is always so great to work with them. MARTINE DE RYCKE, UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL BRUSSELS"
"GenQA is a leader in driving up the quality standards of genomic testing to improve the service we offer to patients. They offer invaluable support and advice to labs by running EQA schemes which accurately reflect the challenges encountered in the clinical diagnostic setting. I have been impressed how the content and breadth of the EQA scheme provision has been updated rapidly over the years to reflect the massive changes in our field, particularly with regards to testing methodologies. The scheme reports and participant meetings are highly informative with great educational value. The team are very approachable and helpful, with excellent communication with their users and a easy to use website for management of the schemes. PROFESSOR SIAN ELLARD OBE, SCIENTIFIC DIRECTOR, SW GENOMIC LABORATORY HUB"
"It has been a pleasure to collaborate with GenQA to support the provision of external quality assessments for BRCA testing in ovarian cancer. GenQA provides a consistently high quality service and a strong educational focus to ensure that laboratories are able to deliver appropriate testing and accurate interpretation of variants for their patients. HUW BANNISTER, GLOBAL DIAGNOSTICS DIRECTOR, ASTRAZENECA"
"Good communication and high quality outputs from a quality focused organisation mean they are always my first thought for new projects. LEE WELCH, ASTRAZENECA UK"