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Individual Competency Assessment

GenQA offers online assessment tools to enable individuals to evidence their continuing professional development.


Genomics Training Assessment and Competence Tool (GTACT)


This provides online training modules to demonstrate individual competence.  Currently available modules include sample reception, sequence variant interpretation and report authorisation.  In development are modules for duty scientist, data analysis and report authorisation.  The task scenarios are randomly generated with automated assessment and can be completed at your own pace.  A free trial is available for laboratory staff, if required.


Continuously available laboratory modules:


Sample Reception

This module provides a virtual laboratory scenario, where samples are received and the individual has to make decisions regarding suitability of the sample and clinical request card. 


Sequence Variant Interpretation

This module provides a number of variants from different genes, for individuals to determine the classification of each variant (classified using ACMG classification). 


Report Authorisation

This module provides clinical reports for Fragile X syndrome and Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer.  Participants are required to determine whether the report is suitable for authorisation, providing their reasoning if the report is unsuitable.  Reports for other disorders are in development.


COVID-19 modules:

These modules are provided free of charge.


COVID-19 Care Home Swabbing

Suitable for UK care home workers taking swab samples from residents for SARS-CoV-2 virus testing.





COVID-19 Direct LAMP assay (coming soon)

Suitable for individuals performing the COVID-19 Direct LAMP assay in a laboratory.   Sign up by laboratory/line manager only. 





COVID-19 Laboratory Testing

Suitable for individuals working in a laboratory processing SARS-CoV-2 virus samples for testing.






Participate in GTACT

To participate in GTACT, please purchase it through your GenQA login.





Single Nucleotide Variant (SNV) interpretation (trial): 
Online competency assessment module for classifying the pathogenicity of five SNVs.


Copy Number Variant classification (trial):
Online competency assessment module for classifying the pathogenicity of five CNVs.


Somatic variant classification (trial):
Online competency assessment module for classifying the pathogenicity of five somatic variants

Tissue Assessment (Tissue-i)


Molecular testing of solid tumour requires accurate selection of tumour regions for microdissection to ensure:



The annotation of tumour and estimation of neoplastic nuclei can be highly variable and standardisation is necessary to promote high-quality molecular pathology testing.


This histopathology assessment enables individuals to evidence their competency to select appropriate tissue areas for genomic testing.  It covers a range of tissue types (breast cancer, colorectal cancer/gastrointestinal, lung cancer, central nervous system, melanoma, gynaecological tract, prostate cancer and sarcoma). 


To participate in Tissue-i, please contact us. We will require details of your host laboratory for billing purposes, and you will need to state which tumour types you assess for molecular analysis.