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Enrolment closing for 2021 EQAs

6 January 2021

EQA Updates


Our full list of EQAs for 2021, including new and updated EQAs is now available for download.


The closing date to enrol for 2021 EQAs is 15th January 2021.


New EQA for 2021


Updated EQA for 2021



New for 2021: Discounted EQA packages


Discount will be applied at invoicing


1. Clinical Genetics EQA Package
Enrol in all four Clinical Genetics EQAs and get enrolment for Genetic Counselling EQA for FREE!


2. Constitutional Postnatal EQA Package
Enrol in Recurrent miscarriages, Sex chromosome disorders karyotyping and Infertility EQA and save £160


3. Molecular Genetic disorders EQA Packages

Option 1: Enrol in 15 EQAs and save £250 (excludes pilot EQAs)

Option 2: Enrol in 20 EQAs and save £600 (excludes pilot EQAs)


4. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) EQA Package
Enrol in NGS germline EQA or NGS somatic panel EQA and save 50% on enrolment in any Classification of variants EQA.


5. Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) EQA Package
Enrol in three PGT EQAs and save £40 Submission Languages GenQA are reviewing which languages we can accept for results submissions for 2021.