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Tissue-i Run 8

14 December 2021

Individual Competency Updates


You are invited to participate in the GenQA external quality assessment (EQA) pilot scheme for the assessment of tumour and cellularity content of H&E stained formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue and fresh frozen tissue samples requiring molecular testing. GenQA has developed an online digital pathology assessment module in partnership with Cirdan to deliver this pilot EQA.

Participation is funded either by a local laboratory who has put your name forward to participate or if you are working within a Genomic Laboratory Hub assessing tumour for the NHS Genomic Medicine Service (GMS) then this will be NHS England.


Tumour images are supplied using an online system which has been designed to enable the participant to view the tissue and move around the slides in a similar manner to a microscope. The view can be enlarged and minimised as required. Individuals will be required to mark the regions of tissue they deem appropriate for macrodissection (if any) and prompted to make an estimation of the cellularity across the slide image and the percentage of tumour nuclei within the annotated region.


Six tumour types are included in this pilot run; breast, central nervous system, colorectal/gastrointestinal tract, paediatric, lung and melanoma. Participants can complete the tissue module(s) related to their specialty i.e. you are not required to complete a tissue type module which you do not routinely assess.


Five cases are supplied for each tissue type.


The first case is a benchmarking exercise and the other four cases require marking for macrodissection. All cases are to be marked under the assumption the macrodissected segments will be sent for Next Generation Sequencing testing.


The EQA will close on 11th February, 2022 at 23:59h GMT.


For full details see HERE