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EQA Outcomes

How do I know when are results available?

Once your Individual Laboratory/Centre Report (ILR/ICR) and the EQA Summary Report have been published online, GenQA inform all participants via email.

What is an Individual Laboratory/Centre Report (ILR/ICR)?

Individual Laboratory/Centre Report (ILR/ICR) detailing the scores and educational feedback specific to the individual laboratory are published approximately three months after the submission deadline for the EQA.


ILRs give the result, score and performance designation for each EQA. Pilot and exploratory pilot EQAs are marked and scored but no performance designation is applied. ILRs are designed to be stand alone, informative and easy to interpret. Reports share the following features:

  • Analytical/genotyping, interpretative and clerical accuracy scores;
  • Educational feedback comments on the submitted individual reports (some may incur a deduction of marks);
  • General comments and recommendations;
  • Performance designation.


Results for any EQA distribution should be checked to ensure that they correspond to your laboratory’s submission. If there are discrepancies, GenQA should be informed immediately so that the necessary corrections can be made and a new ILR issued.

What does the EQA Summary Report contain?

A Pre-Appeals EQA Summary Report summarising the EQA participation, validated results, performance and discussion of any issues arising from the EQA run is published online at the same time as the Individual Laboratory/Centre Report (ILR/ICR). Participating laboratories are informed by email when the ILR/ICRs and EQA Summary Reports are available to download.


Following the appeal period for each EQA, the scores are finalised, Poor Performances are ratified by the relevant Specialist Advisory Group and will not be amended thereafter. EQA Summary Reports will provide the mean scores obtained across the EQA run to give participants a measure of their own performance against other participating laboratories/centres. Individual participant identities will not be disclosed. Participants will be notified by email once the final ILR/ICRs and EQA Summary Reports are available online.

Can I appeal my scores?

Participants usually have 15 working days to appeal any penalty points given in their Individual Laboratory/Centre Reports starting from the date the original ILR/ICR is published. Participants wishing to appeal must complete and submit the online appeals form from the associated EQA webpage, prior to the appeals deadline given on the website. Any appeals received after the closing date will not be accepted.


Appeals to comments will not be considered.  No appeals are accepted for pilot EQAs but comments by participants are welcome and can be communicated to GenQA by email (


All appeals are reviewed anonymously by the relevant Specialist Advisory Group (SAG) and ratified by consensus. The decision of the SAG is final.


Please note the appeals process may take up to six weeks. Formal notification of the outcome of the appeal will be given to the laboratory by GenQA. If the appeal is successful, an amended ILR will be issued. Any changes to scores/comments following successful appeals will be considered by the relevant SAG and applied to laboratories that did not appeal but were given identical comments/deductions (if applicable).

What are Performance criteria?

There are two performance designations (see Performance Monitoring for more information): Satisfactory or Poor.


All Poor Performance designations are ratified by the relevant Specialist Advisory Group prior to the release of results.


Laboratories with a Poor Performance designation will be asked to complete and submit an EQA Performance Issue Incidence Form. This form is designed to help the laboratory determine the reasons that led to the Poor Performance designation as well as develop corrective and preventive actions. Once the form has been reviewed, GenQA will feed back to the laboratory on the adequacy of their Root Cause Analysis and their corrective and preventive measures.


All Performance Criteria are ratified by the UK National Quality Assessment Advisory Panel (NQAAP) for Genetics and are regularly reviewed. All Performance Criteria are available on

What is Poor Performance?

Poor Performance is incurred for the following reasons (but not exclusive to) and applies to all laboratories:

  • Non-submission of results with no acceptable prior notification to GenQA;
  • Critical analytical/genotyping error (incorrect result for the patient);
  • Critical interpretation error which adversely affects patient management;
  • No interpretation of the results;
  • Incorrect/inappropriate advice.


All Poor Performance is ratified by the relevant Specialist Advisory Group without disclosing the identity of the laboratory. Laboratories that have received a Poor Performance (classed as ‘amber’) will be asked to perform a root cause analysis and provide a summary of corrective and preventative actions to GenQA for review.

Where is my Performance certificate?

Each participant laboratory/centre has access to a LIVE Performance certificate for their EQAs which will continually update throughout the EQA season, once the final EQA report has been published. This is available for EQAs from 2021. The Performance certificate will show all the EQAs that your laboratory/centre has enrolled in for that season and the Performance status for any EQAs that have been finalised (i.e. post-appeals or final ILR/ICR and Summary Report published).


This is available to download at any time by the Primary Contact. To download the live certificate login to your GenQA account and:

  • Select the ‘Manager reports’ option from the menu
  • Click on ‘GenQA Participant Performance Certificate’
  • Select the EQA season from the dropdown menu
  • Click ‘apply changes’ (if it appears) and then click on the pink pdf icon.
What is Persistant Poor Performance

Persistent poor performance is defined as follows:

(a) Those participants who perform poorly in two out of any three consecutive EQAs.

(b) A poor performance within one year following a previous persistent poor performance designation.


Laboratories performing poorly on analysis/genotyping in one round of EQA and interpretation in the next round will be classified in the same way as performing poorly on analysis/genotyping for two rounds of EQA. A participant who has performed poorly for more than one disease/tissue in more than one EQA round may, at the discretion of the GenQA Director, be referred to the relevant SAG or GenQA Advisory Board for Persistent Poor Performance even if they have not met the criteria for Persistent Poor Performance in any individual EQA.

I cannot see ILR/Summary report for EQAs I have previously completed?

Please ensure you have filtered the EQA overview page for the relevant EQA year. If you are still unable to find your previous ILR/ICRs or EQA Summary Reports, please contact