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Classification of BRCA1, BRCA2 and other HRR gene variants module

Run 11 is now closed.  The next assessment will take place in Spring 2024. 


This module provides an online competency assessment for the classification of BRCA and HRR (Homologous Recombination Repair) gene variants.  


The assessments take place in spring and autumn of each year. 


Who can participate? 

All individuals who classify the pathogenicity of BRCA and other HRR gene variants.  


What is involved? 

For each assessment, participants receive 6 variants to classify within 4 weeks.  Participants can choose to classify some or all of the variants.   For each variant classification submitted, participants should also provide the criteria evidence for their classification.  


Information for participants:
  1.  Details of the next available assessment
  2. Registration details for educational webinars. Webinars for previous assessments are freely available on the GenQA YouTube channel.

*Run 11 will reference the recently published ClinGen ENIGMA BRCA1 and BRCA2 Expert Panel Specifications to the ACMG/AMP Variant Interpretation Guidelines Version 1.0.0.


On completion of the assessment:

All participants will receive the following:


How do I enrol? 

For further information please contact us at

Available globally

Participate multiple times throughout the year

Participant tailored assessment

Complete within 4 weeks

Access your EQA record any time through the GenQA website










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