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Tissue assessment module 

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The Tissue-i module is for assessment of tumour and cellularity content of H&E stained formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue and fresh frozen (FF) tissue samples requiring molecular testing. 


The assessment of tumour content and cellularity of the tissue samples is critical to deliver high quality molecular testing.  Tissue-i aids in standardising tumour annotation and assessment.


Two assessments are delivered per year, including a selection of tissue types: 


Central nervous system
Gastrointestinal tract
Gynaecological tract
Urological tract


Molecular testing of solid tumour requires accurate selection of tumour regions for microdissection to ensure:



Who can participate?

All individuals who perform microdissection of tumour regions.    Participation can be either as a laboratory or an individual.   This histopathology assessment enables individuals to evidence their competency to select appropriate tissue areas for genomic testing. 


What is involved?

For each assessment, participants can choose to assess all or some of the tumour types offered in each assessment.  Each tumour type includes five cases with a different clinical case scenario and an associated image.  Participants have 6 weeks to mark tumour rich regions for macrodissection for molecular testing, and to assess tumour content and cellularity.  


Information for participants:


On completion of the assessment:

All participants will receive:  

How do I enrol?

For further information please contact us at

Available globally

Participate multiple times throughout the year

Participant tailored assessment

Complete within 6 weeks

Access your EQA record any time through the GenQA website

Training/performance review for managers








                                                                                                  Right colectomy for advanced colonic adenocarcinoma                                                                         Skin lesion from lower back with advanced melanoma

         with tissue regions marked for macrodissection.                                                                                 with tissue regions marked for macrodissection. 



This online digital pathology assessment module has been developed by GenQA in partnership with Cirdan.