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Tissue assessment                                              

Run 8 now open for enrolment!  Assessment starts 15th December and includes colorectal/gastrointestinal tract cancers, central nervous system tumours, paediatric tumours, lung cancer, breast cancer and melanoma.

Full details can be found HERE


The assessment of tumour content and cellularity of the tissue samples is critical to deliver high quality molecular testing and allows accurate interpretation of the variants detected.  Tissue-i aids in standardising tumour annotation and assessment.


Molecular testing of solid tumour requires accurate selection of tumour regions for microdissection to ensure:



This histopathology assessment enables individuals to evidence their competency to select appropriate tissue areas for genomic testing.  Participants are required to mark tumour rich regions for macrodissection for molecular testing, and to assess tumour content and cellularity.  It covers a range of tissue types (breast cancer, colorectal cancer/gastrointestinal, lung cancer, central nervous system, melanoma, gynaecological tract, prostate cancer and sarcoma). 


Participation in Tissue-i includes:

• Detailed instructions provided

• Clinical case scenario and image provided

• Results assessed by expert panel

• Participants receive an Individual Laboratory Report (ILR), a Summary Assessment report and a Participation certificate


To participate in Tissue-i, please contact us. We will require details of your host laboratory for billing purposes, and you will need to state which tumour types you assess for molecular analysis.


NHSE GMS labs are centrally funded by NHSE and there is funding available for the devolved nations - please contact us for at for further details.




Right colectomy for advanced colonic adenocarcinoma with tissue regions marked for macrodissection.



Skin lesion from lower back with advanced melanoma with tissue regions marked for macrodissection.