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Genomic laboratory training videos and competency assessment

GenQA is pleased to launch a new suite of genomic videos to support training and aid evidencing competency within the genomic community.


The freely available training videos and competency assessments are now LIVE!


The following GLH video modules are available:


Who are they for?

Anyone! Although based on the NHS England Genomic Medicine Service, many principles, knowledge of techniques and educational elements are relevant to all individuals either working within genomics or with a specialist interest in genomics.

What is involved?

Log into your account → Select the training video you wish to watch → Complete the multiple choice questions → Download your certificate to evidence your participation, competency and understanding.

How do I enrol?

GenQA has continued to develop the online GTACT system which delivered covid training to over 45,000 individuals during the pandemic to bring this resource to you.

For further information please contact us at




(If you work in an NHS England GLH then please contact





Instructions for accessing videos






This resource has been funded by the NHS England Genomics Unit and developed in conjunction with the NHS England Genomic Laboratory Hubs (GLH).