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Classification of germline variants modules

These modules provide an online competency assessment for the classification of germline Single Nucleotide Variants (SNV) and Copy Number Variants (CNV).


Who can participate? 

Individuals who classify the pathogenicity of germline SNVs and/or CNVs.  


What is involved?

Participants can participate in the SNV and/or the CNV modules.  For each assessment, participants receive 6 variants to classify.  Participants can choose to classify some or all of the variants.   For each variant classification submitted, participants should also provide the criteria evidence for their classification.


Information for participants: 


On completion of each assessment: 

All participants will receive:


How do I enrol? 

Both the SNV and CNV modules can be accessed with a single user licence.  


Access any time through the GenQA website

Available globally

Scenarios randomly generated

Participate multiple times

Automated assessment

Complete at your own pace

Training/performance review for managers





This is for individual purchase only.



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