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FOCUS ON Cytogenomics: Acquired ISCN


Date: 14 October 2021


Details: Our next Focus On session will be a review of the acquired nomenclature in ISCN 2020. The webinar will take place at 11am GMT (12.00 BST) on 14th October 2021.

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The webinar will include:

Review of Acquired ISCN: review of acquired nomenclature in ISCN 2020, including:

·       Karyotyping

·       FISH for break apart, dual and triple fusion probes

·       Region specific assays

·       Arrays

·       Optical Genome Mapping (OGM)

ISCN 2020 online and forum platforms

Test your current knowledge in an interactive quiz

Details of our new pilot ISCN EQA (opens 18th October 2021)


For more information please download our poster

To register for this free webinar please CLICK HERE.



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FOCUS ON WEBINARS: July - December 2021


Date: July - December 2021


Details: Our FOCUS ON sessions will continue to provide free educational webinars throughout 2021.

GenQA will continue to provide exciting educational webinars throughout the year.


We will host experts as they present a vast range of genomics topics, including:

Constitutional ISCN for beginners


Acquired ISCN for beginners

Prenatal Cytogenomics: Diagnosis and Mosaicism

Pharmacogenetics: DPYD


You can also catch up on any previous webinars that you may have missed by visiting our YouTube channel.


For more information regarding registering for our webinars, please contact us via email:





Trade Stand: NO