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Live webinar: The promise of liquid biopsy for cancer diagnostics and therapeutic monitoring: are we there yet?


Date: 27 October


Details: This webinar features a panel of industry stakeholders (including GenQA's Professor Sandi Deans) in cancer diagnostics, proficiency testing and clinical care who will discuss the promise and challenges of liquid biopsy technologies in disease diagnosis, monitoring, and patient care management.

The application of plasma samples bearing circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) as a surrogate for solid tumor biopsy is an area of significant research and clinical interest. Genomic aberrations associated with ctDNA have been demonstrated to mirror the solid tumor mutational landscape and have the potential for early diagnosis of cancer as well as monitoring and tracking biomarkers associated with residual disease and/or recurrence.

Despite this promise, there are still open questions regarding the best way to implement liquid biopsy approaches in the clinical setting. Our panel brings together academic, clinical, and industry experts in liquid biopsy technologies who will describe the applications of this technique and discuss its benefits and shortcomings in the context of cancer disease management.


The panel includes:

Ed Schurring, PhD (Professor of Molecular Oncological Pathology, University of Groningen

Sandi Deans, PhD (Consultant Clinical Scientist and Director GenQA

Claudia Vollbrecht, PhD (Institute of Pathology, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin




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FOCUS ON Molecular Pathology EQAs


Date: 29 October 2020


Details: The FOCUS ON session for October is Molecular Pathology EQAs, and the free webinar will take place on 29th October at 1pm.

The webinar will include:

  • Overview of GenQA Molecular Pathology EQAs

  • The challenges of testing for NTRK fusions

  • Best practice for NTRK testing and reporting

  • Results from the first NTRK pilot EQA

  • LIVE question and answer session



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FOCUS ON Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) EQAs


Date: 30 September 2020


Details: This month's FOCUS ON session is Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). The free webinar will take place on 30th September at 1.30pm (BST) and will include:

Overview of 10 years of provision of PGT EQAs
PGT-A mosaicism—setting thresholds
PGT-SR—reporting small imbalances
PGT-M—testing strategies and method pros & cons
LIVE question and answer session




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FOCUS on Haematological neoplasm disorders


Date: 24 August 2020


Details: Our third FOCUS ON session is on Haematological disorders. Find out about changes implemented to the 2020 EQAs due to COVID-19, and learn about our new EQAs for 2021.


Please submit your questions to and REGISTER HERE for the webinar on 24th August.


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Focus On Clinical Genetics EQAs webinar


Date: 23 July 2020


Details: Ensuring the quality of the entire genetics service.

The recording of this webinar is now available on our YouTube Channel 


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