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ESHG conference 2023


Date: 10-13 June 2023


Details: The ESHG conference is in Scotland (home of GenQA!). To celebrate, GenQA will be launching something exciting at ESHG....

For all details regarding GenQA activities at ESHG go to our dedicated webpage HERE.  We will be continually updating this page with information as the conference approaches.  


Trade Stand: YES


International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis (ISPD) conference


Date: 18-21 June 2023


Details: Join GenQA staff: Professor Sandi Deans, Melody Tabiner, Mark Sales, Fiona Morgan and Bettina Quellhorst at the 2023 ISPD conference. Come and talk to us at Stand 16.


Trade Stand: YES



Overview of results from the 2022 liquid biopsy EQA for lung cancer


Date: 28 June 2023


Details: This webinar will provide insight into some of the challenges commonly faced by laboratories when analysing samples for EGFR and KRAS gene variants from liquid biopsies in patients with lung cancer.

Prof. Sandi Deans from GenQA and Dr. Simon Patton from EMQN and will share their extensive experience on how to ensure you are able to provide robust high quality testing, accurate genotyping and appropriate reporting of the results.

Register for the webinar HERE



Trade Stand: NO



European Cytogenomics conference (ECA)


Date: 1-4 July 2023


Details: Join GenQA staff: Melody Tabiner, Dr Ros Hastings, Dr Katrina Rack and Bettina Quellhorst at the 2023 ECA conference. Come and talk to us at Stand 11.


Trade Stand: YES