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Individual Competency Assessment

Where do I find out what you offer?

For information regarding online individual competency assessment please go to

When are the BRCA-HRR assessments available?

Information can be found at

I have enrolled for the latest BRCA-HRR assessment but cannot find the assessment?

The assessment will only be available during the assessment period.  To find these dates please go to

When are the Tissue-i assessments open?

Information can be found at

How do I register for the Tissue-i assessment?

EQA registration opens in September and the EQA can be ordered at the same time as purchasing other EQAs. However, if you miss the registration period, please contact GenQA on to arrange registration.

I receive an error message when trying to login to the Tissue-i assessment?

Please ensure that you are using the following link to access the correct login page for Tissue-i

When and how will I receive my Tissue-i assessment results?

An individual laboratory report (ILR), summary report for each module participated in, and participation certificate will be emailed to each individual participant within 12 weeks of the EQA run closing. If it has been more than 12 weeks since the EQA closed and you have not heard from us, please contact us on

I accidentally submitted without completing all cases, how can I access the Tissue-i assessment again to finish participating?

Please contact us on and we will arrange for your submission to be made accessible again.

My laboratory has registered for the Tissue-i assessment but we need access for more than 3 users, how can we arrange this?

lease note there is an additional fee for each additional user.  Please see for more information.  

Please contact us on and provide information regarding how many extra users you wish to register for the EQA, their names, and email addresses. We will not add additional users to your account without first confirming with you that you are happy for the additional fee to be added to your invoice.