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Sample Distribution

When will I receive my samples?

Details of distribution dates are available in our live calendar.  GenQA will email all enrolled participants to inform them when an EQA has opened and/or samples have been distributed.  For sample based EQAs please allow 5-7 working days to receive your samples before contacting GenQA.  The closing date for submissions will also be available on our website and in the EQA distribution paperwork.  There may be occasions where, due to unforeseen circumstances, the distribution date may be postponed. In this instance, we will contact laboratories/centres via email.

My samples are damaged/missing?

It is the participant's responsibility to inform GenQA on if samples do not arrive by the date given in the EQA open email or EQA Distribution Letter, or arrive damaged and are unable to be used for the EQA.  Repeat samples, if available, will be sent as soon as possible. Sufficient EQA material is usually supplied to perform all necessary analyses plus a modest number of repeat analyses.  Repeat samples can be requested using the Repeat Sample Request form. GenQA is unable to guarantee that additional material will be available.

Can I get a repeat sample?

GenQA provide adequate sample material for the testing required for the EQA. Please do not perform additional testing that has not been requested. If you require an additional sample due to failure of a laboratory test, then please complete the Repeat Sample Request form and email to  GenQA is unable to guarantee that additional material will be available.

What guidance is there on Import documentation?

Many countries have specific regulations related to the import of clinical samples. These regulations often require specific documentation or import licenses to be provided by the receiver of the samples. If these are not readily available then there may be a substantial delay in receiving the samples, making it difficult for you to participate in your EQAs within the required timeframe. EQA charges will not be refunded in these cases. If you require any assistance regarding this, please contact GenQA (


Please ensure your laboratory complies with your country’s current requirements for import documentation to ensure a swift clearance of the samples through customs. For participants in the EU please note that import requirements may have changed due to Brexit.


It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct and valid license to cover all sample types which are subject to the regulations.  For other types of documentation, it may be possible to prepare the papers in advance to expedite the customs process. It is your responsibility, as the recipient of the samples, to complete these documents.