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Submitting Results

How do I submit my results?

Participants are asked to provide full interpretative reports in their normal laboratory style, unless specifically requested to complete their results online or participating in a genotyping only EQA.  All submissions:

  • Should be anonymised (identified solely by their individual GenQA laboratory/centre reference number). Documents should be submitted in pdf format.
  • Must be submitted by the laboratories/centres via their own account on the website. All reports will be marked against the current HGVS/ISCN nomenclature where appropriate.

Please note if you are submitting PDFs: Adobe software displays the name of the person/institution name to whom the software is licenced.  Please right click on the PDF document, select 'Document Properties' and check the 'author' does not identify your laboratory.  Contact if you have any queries or require further assistance.

Can I submit my results in a foreign language?

GenQA accepts submissions in foreign languages for more than 90 of our EQAs.  Foreign languages currently accepted are: French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.  Additional languages are being considered.  Details of EQAs where we can currently accept foreign language submissions  are included in the information for each EQA on

Why do I have to anonymise my reports?

Anonymised reports protect your laboratory/centre’s identity, ensuring the integrity of the marking as that assessors cannot identify individual laboratories/centres when marking. Please note that GenQA is unable to remove this information from your submission, therefore you must ensure your reports are anonymised before uploading.  Your laboratory information is stored by GenQA in accordance with EU regulations (GDPR).

I can’t submit my results?

If you are unable to submit your results due to a website/IT difficulty then please contact GenQA at email to

What happens if I don’t submit any results?

GenQA will send out reminder emails close to the EQA submission deadlines however, it is the responsibility of the participant to be aware of the start and closing dates of all EQAs. GenQA takes no responsibility for emails not reaching participants. EQA dates can be found on the GenQA members website area under the specific EQA page.  Non-submission of EQA reports may result in a Poor Performance designation. Participants will still be charged for the EQA.

I’ve accidentally uploaded/submitted the wrong results?

If the EQA returns submission link is green, click on the link again to return to the page for uploading results.  There is a delete option (‘bin’ icon) next to each file that was uploaded. If you select the bin icon, the file will be deleted, and you will be able to upload the correct file. For online EQAs please contact stating the name of the EQA and the case you wish to re-submit. Staff will then re-set the case to allow re-submission.  If the EQA returns submission link is red, then please contact with details of the EQA and your GenQA participant number.

I need an extension to the submission deadline?

In some cases, we may grant an extension to the submission deadline. To request an extension, please complete the GenQA EQA Request for Extension form and email it to us at  GenQA will consider your request and inform you if the request has been accepted or rejected. If accepted, you will be provided with a new deadline and details of how to submit your results.

I no longer wish to participate in one of my EQAs?

To withdraw from an EQA please complete the EQA Withdrawal form and email to  Please consult the GenQA EQA Withdrawal Policy for information regarding late withdrawal (once an EQA is open for participation).